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Paid search

Paid Search is changing rapidly.

Why Choose Refuel Digital?

With almost two decades of paid search experience Refuel Digital has a track record of delivering successful paid search campaigns for SMEs and Enterprise brands in multiple industries. Refuel Digital is an agency you can trust to deliver growth for your brand.

What to expect after month one?

Our first month with a new client will involve audits, optimisation and investigation. Where we differ from the majority of agencies – according to our clients – is that I will begin improving the returns you see from your ad spend from the first time I access your Google Ads account.

As such, our PPC clients – on average – see award winning improvements to their conversion rates, revenue and ROAS. At present my average ROAS for my clients is between £15 and £31.

What to expect after three months?

Following extensive keyword research and thorough restructuring and optimisation of our client accounts to make the best use of both our years of experience and new machine learning strategies, our clients experience further improvement in core metrics.

With our average client – across all budgets and from SME to Enterprise brands – experiencing improved CTR, more conversions and leaps in revenue and ROAS, the three-month point represents a turning point from the optimisation of their existing account, to one benefiting from the implementation of a cutting-edge tools and technology backed by experience.

Have A Project In Mind? Let’s Talk Today

If you would like help to improve your paid management strategy get in touch with Refuel Digital today.